8 Things to do to honour your wedding day if Covid f**cked it

May 3, 2020

I have to say, when I’m mapping out blog content (that’s right – I’m a well oiled marketing MACHINE as well as alright behind a camera!), I hadn’t originally planned a ‘What to do if there’s a global pandemic on your wedding day’ piece – but then again, none of us had it in our sights, did we? But anyway I thought this had to go out before the obligatory, ‘What to do if it rains on your wedding day’ blog which now seems even more trivial than usual, huh?!

With a lot of wedding plans unfortunately but understandably postponed, the day suddenly comes around with a totally different vibe to what it could have been. BUT! All is not lost. I take your corona woes, I give them and you a socially distanced virtual hug and a squeeze because times are weird and wonky, and I present to you this list of 8 things to do if you’ve had to postpone your wedding because of COVID 19.

1. Use the time to finally put up those photos that you’ve had framed, and have been leaning against the skirting boards for ever. And, if you don’t have any photos there…then look forward to your wedding day, when we’ll get you SO MANY PHOTOS you wanna frame and put up!

2. Wear something you’ve been saving for best. If you want to wear your wedding outfit round the house, then be my absolute guest – I just wouldn’t be able to trust myself with, you know, sauce, coffee crumbs and spillage (You can see how I’m dealing with lockdown can’t you?) But if you’re not quite ready to put that on, but you still wanna honour your day, then put on the jazziest outfit you’ve been saving for best, and bask in your own glory. If your (postponed) wedding day isn’t best, then what is?

3. Alternatively, use all that stockpiled loo roll to fashion yourself a wedding dress, and parade around in it like the icon you are.

3a. (please don’t stockpile loo roll. Let’s all be sensible and kind.)

4. Give yourself a hall pass to start on the drinks at 9am, like you would have done if you were getting ready with your mates. Bucks Fizz before 10? Don’t mind if I do! Then, spend your day getting wildly merry, and continue that right through to the evening and the night. Just make sure you include serious hangover food in your week’s shopping for the day after…

5. Perform your first dance anyway. Crank that music up, dance like no-ones watching (because they’re not – unless you’ve uploaded it to TikTok and even then, personally, I’d pass ?), and feel that endorphin rush. Dance on tables a la Breakfast Club, ceilings a la Lionel Richie or in the air like Dirty Dancing – you are, after all, having the time of your life.

6.Organise a Zoom with your pals. Depending on how many people you’d invited, you might not be able to get all of your guests on Zoom; but you can gather your nearest and dearest and have them raise a toast for what will be. Bonus points if one of your guests is a dab hand with the decks and fancies taking the drinks to the virtual dancefloor too…

7. Watch a movie that makes you bawl. The volume of water that will have left your eyes will leave you with the same feeling you would have had after your speeches. Catharsis.

8. Stay at home. We can all take one for the team and stay at home as much as we can – the quicker we can get back to normal, the quicker we can be celebrating our weddings in real life, hey pals?

In all seriousness, stay safe and well, and we’ll see this through together. And I promise you, though it might seem meaningless at the moment – when your wedding does come around, it won’t just be worth the wait, it’ll be better than ever.


This post is illustrated by one of my brother’s doodles. You can find (and commission) him on Instagram if you so wish. Find him @pesto_illustration ✌?



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