i’m jordanna.


She of the oddly lyrical name and Italian roots, I live with my husband, son and daughter, enjoy travelling, nesting and getting lost in a good book. I also do my level best to live greenly at all times. I love my garden and recycling is my cardio.

I like to get really swept up in what I shoot: I think it makes for vibrant and characterful photos. I keep my eyes peeled and my finger poised over the trigger for all those intricacies that make your day unique to you.

I like to discourage posing and encourage good times (they’re pretty hard to fake so we kinda have to do it for real).

Above all, I want to enable you guys to feel relaxed enough to just enjoy yourselves on your wedding day and make the whole thing unmistakably ‘you’.

My work is largely documentary in style and I won’t really ask you to do anything but crack on and have the best day of your lives while I blend in with your fab guests. Sound good? Drop me a line.

i love kids (especially my own)

british eccentricity floats my boat

travel adventures make us happy

i love the 80s in all its technicolour glory

i adore my job (although i'm afraid of heights)


Award Winning London Wedding Photographer. Photographing weddings all over London, UK and Europe for laid back & fun loving couples.



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