Alternative Wedding Photographer – what does it mean?

May 8, 2020

It’s all well and good me describing myself as an alternative wedding photographer - because that’s what I am - but what does that actually mean for you? Class is now in session!

What’s an Alternative Wedding Photographer when it’s at home (or preferably at your wedding)?

Alternative Wedding Photographer// The term alternative wedding photographer can be read in 2 different ways. First up, it can be read as a wedding photographer who’s alternative themselves. But rather than regale you with tales of any odd hobbies and idiosyncracies I may have, or try and convince you that I’m not like all the other girls, I thought I’d explain what means for your wedding, both in the run up to and on the day itself:

I’m up for all the plans

As an alternative wedding photographer, I’m pretty much game for whatever you’ve got planned for your wedding. Whether it’s beer bingo, a limbo competition, or a fully planned out skit instead of a best man’s speech, I’m up for throwing myself into the day to make sure you get the best out of it. Never, ever, feel apprehensive to tell me your plans if they feel a bit off the wall; I can’t wait to hear those kind of plans.

…but won’t intrude

But when I say ‘throw myself in’, I don’t mean I’m gonna start crowdsurfing amongst your revellers. One of the highest compliments couples can ever give me is that they didn’t notice me because I blended in as if I were a guest. I promise I won’t be helping myself to your free bar or cocktail hour canapes, but I will do my work without drawing any attention to myself. I’ll throw myself in spiritually and emotionally, of course, but you mostly won’t even notice I’m there.

Awesome confetti shot of same sex wedding on Brighton Beach

Your photos will be informal, candid, and joyful

This stealth-like approach is how I’m able to capture all the genuine joy and emotion from you and your guests and the day itself. I won’t spend 3 hours during prep artfully playing hoopla with your ring and your heel – I’ll spend that time, and the rest of the day, capturing all the candid moments and reactions in all of their authentic glory.

I’ll be your friend

I know there’s nothing worse than when people tell you you’re going to become THE BEST of friends, but one of the loveliest things about being a wedding photographer is that often I’m the supplier with you on the day for the longest. It’s inevitable that we’ll get to know each other in the process!  Between you booking me and your wedding day itself, I’ll be there for any questions and queries you may have, to give advice where you need it, and to get very excited about it with you too. This is so much more than a job for me – it’s an honour and a privilege – and I always treat it as such.

Alternative Wedding Photographer

The other way of reading the phrase ‘alternative wedding photographer’ is that I’m a photographer who specialises in alternative weddings, and that is also true – like attracts like, and I’m very grateful to work with couples who I just get and get me in return (I refer you back to the final point above). This means my work features a lot of:


Weddings where everyone looks bored or like they’re sucking on a lemon aren’t my bag. My couples always want their guests and, crucially, themselves to have a blast – after all, it is a celebration! This more informal way of shooting is what I focus the majority of my time on, but don’t worry – I’m still super happy to do group shots and portraits too. They just end up being hilarious fun too, because you are.

Alternative Wedding Photographer approach to groom group shot


This wonderful approach to weddings mean that I get to shoot loads of beautiful authentic moments as an alternative wedding photographer. Whether these are moments of sheer elation, pure emotion, side-splitting laughter or captivating love, they’re the moments that make the day super memorable, and the ones that my photos will take you back to.

The moment the usher went splat at Axnoller wedding

See more of this terrifically fun Axnoller Wedding here. 


Why drown in a sea of beige? Bright, fun, explosive weddings that are a true representation of you are always an absolute joy. Don’t be afraid to use and abuse colour!

Alternative Wedding Photographer shoots indian wedding reflecting the energy and colour in the room


You’re not a cookie cutter kind of couple, so don’t have a cookie cutter kind of wedding. It’s a celebration of the two of you, so don’t be afraid to add personal elements that reflect you both as a couple. Walking into your wedding should feel like walking into your living room, in a kind of way – you and your guests should be able to feel your personality oozing from the walls.

Alternative couple at Walcot Hall Wedding

You can see more of Alex and Hannah’s ace Walcot Hall Wedding here. Can’t beat a bride in DMs and a leather jacket!

If you’re looking for an alternative wedding photographer, then I am very much your gal…get in touch here!


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