Apr 29, 2020

I’m back with my monthly ramble chat – April is nearly done. I don’t know about you but although we are able to do very little time does seem to be passing by quickly.

I have been thinking a lot about how people who are isolating on their own must feel. It’s been a (very necessary) good few weeks now, huh? I know that technology is a God send for us all but there is nothing like having a hug.

I cannot wait to hug my parents and to see my children with their grandparents and friends again. As much as I laugh in the face of anyone that asks me how many TV box sets we have worked through – the answer is zero if you were wondering. I’ve just been full time mumming here. The kids are full on. I fantasise about sending them off to their grandparents or drop kicking them over the garden wall (only for them to bounce back quieter, less annoying and more able to entertain themselves for more than 10 mins :-D). But of course I feel very lucky to have them here to chat rubbish with, to look after and to cuddle.

Anyway sending a virtual hug to anyone that is on their own. I hope you have found some welcome distractions to help pass the time.

I thought I’d just share with you a few bits n bobs that I have enjoyed lately:

  • Just yesterday, on my friend Matt’s recommendation, we watched the kids film The Willoughbys on Netflix. We really enjoyed it. The story was quite dark and the animation was ace.
  • An adult TV show we managed to watch half an episode of last night was Brassic – which I think we are going to enjoy. It was on Sky1 and pretty funny. Anyone else seen it? Of course, Killing Eve is also worth a watch. Obviously we haven’t binged it so no spoilers please! Romesh and Rob Beckett Versus and Gordon, Fred and Gino are also worth a watch for a laugh. And I can’t wait to watch After Life Series 2 – I thought the first series was brilliant – tender, funny, heartwarming and sad.
  • Personally, I have also enjoyed watching a few of the broadcast theatre shows. Les Miserables and The Phantom of the Opera were brilliant. I know musicals aren’t for everyone and I don’t love them all but these two are brilliance. It makes my heart sing to hear Rocco humming ‘Do you hear the people sing’ and asking if we can read the book together. I have bought him an abridged version of the book…I am hoping Lockdown won’t be so long that an 8 year could make his way through the Victor Hugo original!
  • Gardening. Setting up a potting bench. I have fully embraced middle age (slightly prematurely one hopes) and I am loving it.
  • I have discovered a brilliant magazine reading app called Readly. There are hundreds of magazines on there that you can read for free and it’s ace. You can use my referral code (please!) if you want to try it out for yourself for a month for free too – https://get.readly.com/Xp_Bq7w8MgAZQEel – it’s easy to cancel too if you then don’t want to sign up to the £7.99 monthly fee.
  • Dancing around the kitchen to Radio 6. The whole station is excellent. There has not been a single show that has made me want to turn over.
  • I collect photography books from Hoxton Mini Press it is a small indie publishers that I really really hope survive this terrible period. I urge you, photographers or others, to sign up for their newsletter. Martin is a real card and his emails make me laugh out loud each week. If you wanna buy a book from them make sure you use the code PISSOFFCORONA for 20% off any orders over £20.
  • Another newsletter that I get a lot of joy from is one from Leonie Flower Studios – one of my old brides in fact – that is a colour loving, pattern hunting, bundle of enthusiasm, kindness and inspiration. She’s ace. You can sign up for free to get that into your inbox here.
  • One for the locals – Fruit, veg, milk and the most gorgeous fresh eggs from Adams Apple delivered for free to the doorstep has been a God send. I haven’t stepped foot in a big supermarket since this all kicked off and I can’t say I have missed them one bit. The thought of going in them at the mo freaks me out – so I’ve totally side stepped them.
  • On Spotify Dave Grohl’s Pandemic Playlist was pretty cool. Rocco liked it too…we both have some hope that he won’t end up into crap chart music 😀
  • Taking photos of my kiddos – keeping me familiar with my camera whilst work has shrivelled to nothing! I will be launching a family photography offering soon and I hope a lot of you will book me to keep us in beans on toast! Watch this space.
  • Finally, just a tip. If you are at home eating more crap than usual and you’re feeling all shit about it then my tip for any negative self talk is to imagine Donald Trump is saying it to you. For example, “Jesus, your thighs look chunkier…” just shout “OH SHUT THE F**K UP TRUMP!” It’ll make you feel miles better! 😀

Gonna sign off now – sending love and good wishes to you all. Stay home and stay safe!

Oh, and PS the image accompanying this post is a pic of my daughter, Tomasina, making a run for it.


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