Laid Back Autumnal South Farm Wedding

Jan 1, 2019

'We knew we wanted someone who we were comfortable with and wouldn't awkwardly pose us in different locations for most of the day. The photography turned out just like our day; exciting, fun, bright and hilarious! Jordanna captured it perfectly and we couldn't thank her enough.'

South Farm Wedding

Relaxed South Farm Wedding near Royston Cambridgeshire for the super lovely Lucynda & Daniel

South Farm Wedding // Lucynda and Dan’s wedding at South Farm on a beautifully sunny autumn day was a joy to shoot. I hear on the grapevine that we are due a super cold couple of months – apparently the coldest winter on record is on its way – but we can dream that the weather stays as brght and crisp as it was on this glorious; fun and super sweet day.

wedding party standing in fron t of tractor ast South Farm Wedding

Choosing South Farm as your wedding venue

While my family lives all over  all over the world, Daniel’s all live very close and mostly in Hertfordshire so he knew he wanted his wedding somewhere that everybody could easily get to. We had looked at Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire before picking somewhere in Royston.

The animals were a cute bonus!

We had viewed one other venue before South Farm but the lack of an aisle put us off. We knew we wanted a barn and a bonus would have been any sort of animals. Luckily, we came across South Farm following lots of Googling.
When we viewed South Farm we were so busy staring out of the car window at how pretty the place was that we actually ended up driving straight past the car park and having to go round again. As soon as we were inside the barn there was no choice about it. It had the perfect big barn, a gorgeous conservatory style room to get married in, beautiful gardens and the selling point the piglets!

Bride style

I always dreamed that I would wear a 50s style short dress with no veil. That dream quickly went once I started trying on the shorter dresses and realised they didn’t suit me as much as they did in my head. It took a lot of convincing to try on a long dress and then even more to try on one that originally was strapless. However, Sam at Heritage Brides knew what she was talking about and once she paired the dress with a bolero I had “the moment” and had a good cry. She even convinced me in to a veil! Never in a million years did I ever think I would say yes to a veil!

Funny faced groomsmen gets his buttonhole put on at South Farm Groomsmen at South Farm Wedding in Autumn. ALl in Tweed suits

Tweed suits for the boys

We took a gamble to order the suits from a company that appeared to be in China and looked too good to be true. We started by ordering Daniel’s suit and the best mans suit. While the legs were about 2 meters too long they were otherwise spot on so we continued to order the other three. Once they had been tailored the guys looked fab!

Decorating South Farm

South Farm is such a beautiful venue we didn’t want to overwhelm the barn with masses of flowers and decorations. Our flowers were easy to choose once we had agreed on a colour scheme. We knew we wanted a ‘romantic’ look so red roses were a must.

In the early stages of planning we had picked a very green colour scheme with lots of foliage and I didn’t want to give this up just because we had changed our colours. When meeting our florist we made it clear we wanted lots of leaves, twigs and succulents. She came up with the idea of the log with dangling candles to go in the barn and the succulent button holes for the mother of the bride and mother of the groom.

While we wanted lots of flowers we also wanted people to be able to see each other over the centre pieces so we wanted something quite dainty and pretty for the tables. Lots of jars filled with loose flowers and little candles did the trick!

The Cheese Cake

However, despite all of that, the thing that got most people attention was the cake! While a big stack of cheese isn’t the norm it was the ‘YAY!’ sign sticking out the top that the mother of the bride had bought a couple of weeks before that drew everyones attention. We loved it!

The Rock Band Party

We chose the band as a family friend had previously been part of the group. They had gone from a rock band to a wedding band and so we booked them as soon as we could as we knew they were brilliant. Me and Daniel met through our love of heavy music so there was no point kidding ourselves and booking a band who couldn’t play the music we loved. We had a big medley of music and in true Lucy and Daniel style, our night ended with a mosh pit!

Wedded Wisdom

Make it YOUR wedding! If you like heavy music, don’t pick a band who play chart music. Not into having big cake , have a cake made of cheese. If you are rubbish in heels, wear your super old lace up leather boots and dance the night away because you are comfortable! Most importantly, sit back and enjoy every moment because as everyone says, it goes way too quickly!

Confetti throw in grooms face at South Farm Wedding Funny girl enjoying champagne at South Farm Wedding Reception form London Wedding Photographer Jordanna Marston Lady in Purple paps me at South Farm Wedding Autumn garden party South Farm Wedding Bridal Party Relaxed Group Shot Bridal bouquet of pink and red flowers at South Farm Wedding near Royston Red head bride and groom in thicket of trees at South Farm Wedding Venue laughing at eachother Portrait of bride and groom in front of rustic garage doors at South Farm by Jordanna Marston Photography

Little Black Book



Transport: Daniels was more than happy to take up the offer to drive to the wedding in an Aston Martin which was kindly offered by one of Kevin’s (Best man) colleagues. What a big kid! 🙂

I love shooting a South Farm Wedding they are always absolutely lovely. I’d love to hear from you if you were thinking of getting married there! 






  1. Olivia

    Gorgeous, candid shots!

  2. Land of Wonder

    Absolutely love the emotions you captured! Beautiful set of images.


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