Choosing a Wedding Band

Mar 23, 2018

Advice for choosing a Wedding Band

Choosing a Wedding Band for your wedding reception

Wedding Band // Having a live wedding  band play at your wedding can certainly give you an energy that you’re unlikely to replicate by having a DJ.  There is something very special about seeing and hearing talented musicians playing live music right in front of you. And there is so much choice out there – indie cover bands, jazz bands, pop bands, big bands and so on.

Watch some live gigs

Choosing the right wedding band can be much more tricky than choosing a DJ and could potential demand a lot more research prior to booking one.  This may mean watching a few live performances on their website or youtube, listening to a selection of recorded tracks on their websites and looking through their repertoire. Even finding out if as a band they play any gigs outside of weddings to go and watch them.

Book your band as early as you can

One thing to bear in mind with bands is they can get booked up far in advance so it’s important to consider early on in your planning whether you want to have a band.

Boo to sound limiters

Another thing to consider when deciding on having a band is whether your venue has a sound limiter?  Some venues have sound limiters which frankly make it almost impossible for a band to get a great atmosphere going due to the fact that the volume has to be low.

Check out these Wedding Bands for your party…

 I’m certainly happy to recommend the following talented and amazing bands I’ve had the privilege of seeing at past weddings:

HipHop Hooray -Style  8 piece hip hop covers band – absolutely awesome – JayZ, House of pain, Beyonce,Snoop, Dre, Old school hip hop – ace!   

The Money – Style: awesome rock and roll, rock, crowd pleasers –

The White Keys – Style: Absolutely ANYTHING from so solid crew 21 seconds to Calvin harris. Absolutely amazing.

Bikini Beach Band – Surf guitar music – covers. Something different! –

The Atlantic Soul Orchestra – Awesome soul / motown –

The Cherie Gears Band – female led fantastic funky covers band – / 08453884508

Riviera Band – Gypsy Jazz –

Electric Idols – At their core indie / rock I presume but covered soulful / funkier stuff effortlessly. Tight band, great vocal. –

The Iron Boot Scrapers – Brass Band 3 Piece playing chart hits. Bonkers but ace.-

The Rebel Party Band – Rock n roll, Indie, Dance, Big sweaty Party Anthems – The anti-wedding wedding band.-

The Retrosettes – retro/ indie –

Hold Tight.- Funk, soul & dance classics (So good!) – Architects – 4/5 piece cool band, they sang some really good songs I would highly recommend! –

If you like music you may like to check out my post on Wedding Playlists – or you might not…ha ha! It’s one for the soul groovers!


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