Cool Wedding Venues – My Bucket List

Jan 17, 2018

 My Wedding Bucket List – Cool Wedding Venues

Cool Wedding Venues // One of the first things that appealed to me about being a wedding photographer was the doors it opens to meet people from different cultures, places and backgrounds and the opportunity to travel…not to mention being able to have a nose round some incredible properties and cool wedding venues.
I have been lucky enough to shoot weddings all over the country, Scotland, Cyprus, Italy and France. Wedding photography has exposed me to different cultures and I have witnessed some really special ceremonies – Humanist, Jewish , Hindu, Tamil and Christian to name a few.

My experience as a wedding photographer

I have shot close to 200 weddings now but when someone recently asked me what was my favourite (IMPOSSIBLE I HAVE SO MANY FAVOURITES!) and what kind of wedding I would love to shoot it got me thinking.

Cool Wedding Venues List

So I put together this wish list of, what I deem to be cool wedding venues,  and if you are reading this and are thinking of doing these sort of things then I would love to hear from you! Or if you are doing anything wild and wonderful, quirky or fun then I am always interested to add new ideas to my bucket list.
Some of my version of cool wedding venues have been ticked off through the years but I’ve still got lots I’d like to do…

My Dream List

* A wedding in a forest  Thank you Daisy and James!
* A wedding in Iceland
* A tipi wedding I’ve shot many now including Liz and Rolo’s and Alana and Dan‘s ace days
* A wedding at The Keeper and The Dell  Props to Kiera and Aiden – one of the best days ever!
* A wedding at MC Motors
* A wedding at Akamba – thanks so much Laura and Nick! It was so much fun!
* A wedding at Hauser and Wirth
* A wedding at The Dead Dolls House in London
* A wedding at Wiltons Music Hall (Looking forward to shooting there in 2018, Thanks Tabitha & James!)
* A Mod wedding
* A wedding at Forrest near Cardigan (I have only ever shot there as a second for my mate Matt.)
* A wedding at One Friendly Place
* A wedding with a non traditional dress  Zara and Léonie you both smashed this in 2017!
* A wedding at West Mill, Derby
* A wedding at Tunnels Beaches
* An elopement
* A beach wedding in the UK  You didn’t disappoint me Neil and Vicki!
* A wedding in a cinema – which is exactly how I tied the knot actually!
* A wedding in an Art Gallery or Photography Studio
* A wedding in Seville
* A Greek Weding
* A wedding on Isle of Skye
* A utterly bonkers fancy dress party wedding
* Weddings in Italy…anywhere it’s all beaut and my motherland! (I have shot a few weddings in Italy already but never enough!)
* A wedding at a music festival
* A Sikh wedding
* A rave themed wedding
* A wedding at The Asylum Thanks so much to Sally and Ian I’ve been here and it was beaut
* A wedding at Walcot Hall Thanks so much Soph and Jack – plus back there in 2019 with Diddy and Hannah
* A wedding at West Lexham, Norfolk
* A wedding at Victoria Baths, Manchester
* A wedding at Brixton East – done, thanks Julie and Roland…very very happy to go back though!
* A wedding at Islington Metal Works – yep shot there too now again loved it and would be thrilled to go back – cheers Kate and Chris!
*And please please someone take to Ibiza with them! Anyone?! 🙂
If you are doing any of the above or anything else that I need to know about then I would I would love to hear from you! 
Charlotte Wilden Bride Red Dress Bride Relaxed Wedding Photography
Fun Wedding Photography Beach Wedding Suffolk Bride toasts herself on Candy Anthony Dress
Akamba Wedding Photographer Birmingham Wedding Bloom Fleuriste Bouquet
Documentary Wedding Photography Tipi Wedding Colourful Wedding Photography crowd scene kids playing
Brixton East Wedding Confetti exit
Asylum Wedding Photography Peckham London pleased looking bride just married
Cool bride Relaxed Colourful Wedding Asos Bridal Cool Wedding Venues Ash Barton Estate
Walcot Hall Wedding Photographer Shropshire COnfetti Cool Couple
Islington Metalworks London Wedding Photo Cool Wedding Venues
Cool Wedding Venues The Keeper and The Dell Wedding Photographer Boho Bride Cool Groom Outdoor First Dance
I’m sure there are tonnes more creative/ cool/ blank canvas venues that I have not come across yet – if you like my work and you like the cut of my gib then drop me a line and we’ll have a chat! 


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