my approach.
Describing how I do what I do in a neat little SEO-friendly paragraph is bloody hard. It’s hard to sound sincere and trustworthy and warm all at the same time as selling my service in to lovely, cool people who get my style. Frankly, I feel that a photographer’s work should speak for itself. They are photos after all.

The proof should be in the pudding. The term ‘My Approach’ also sounds hopelessly art student-y, like I fancy myself the next Annie Leibovitz or something (not that her work doesn’t rock, it’s just that I tend to shoot weddings rather than George Clooney and members of the Royal Family).

But I think I could sum it up in two words, if I had to. I care about your experience during our time together, I care about doing a kick ass job and I care about you having an incredible wedding, captured beautifully by me.

You’ve placed a great big chunk of trust in me in asking me to shoot your day, and I am going to make damn well sure that the resulting album makes you do cartwheels of joy.

I’m not your typical wedding photographer. I don’t worry about much and my chill factor is always high. I don’t believe in perfection, only good times. And I love people. GOD I love people. The glorious, witty, dirty, gorgeous humanness of people…I can’t get enough of it. That’s what I bring to your day: a sharp eye for the intricacies and eccentricities of the people who make up your special day.

I will quietly and discreetly observe your wedding, keeping my eyes peeled for those beautiful pockets of realness that will unfold throughout the day. Those fleeting moments that would otherwise disappear into the ether, the ones that differentiate your wedding from anyone else’s.

I love my work and I think you will too.


Award Winning London Wedding Photographer. Photographing weddings all over London, UK and Europe for laid back & fun loving couples.


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