Faves of 2018

Feb 14, 2019

Unposed & Joy filled Moments – My Faves of 2018

It’s that time of year when I crack open my memory bank (aka my big daddy hard drive) and take a look back over everything I’ve done over the last twelve months to review what adventures my camera and I have had! I can tell you, it’s been a cracking year, folks. 2018 was good to me; I met some truly lovely, interesting people, visited some amazing places and – to top it off – gave birth to a fabulous baby girl. A new little sister for my son and an entirely new adventure for us as parents. My photography and my family are such proper, genuine sources of joy to me. Bringing a new baby into the house has highlighted this to me all over again – she’s a little one-woman joy machine and I am loving it.

I think joy and the bringing of it sits at the heart of my job above anything else. No matter what a couple is going for on their wedding day, real, unbridled joy is always at the centre of it all. I see it in abundance at every wedding I shoot, in every unposed frame; a dad weeping as his daughter dances with her new husband for the first time, a groom roaring with laughter as his best man tells THAT anecdote from school, a little flower girl’s face when she’s given her special shoes to wear for the first time. Call it what you like: happiness, giddiness, delirium…I call it joy.

As ever, my year has been all about the characters, the fun, the colour (oh my GOSH the colour) and the candid moments that make your wedding days so unmistakably ‘you’. I wanna say a MASSIVE thank you to all my couples. Having your trust and permission to do my thing has been such a blast and something that I never, ever take for granted. We’ve laughed, cried and sweated hard together (how HOT was that summer?!) and, hand on heart, I wish we could do it all over again. Here’s to 2019, let’s hope it’s bursting with as much joy as 2018. It’ll be a tough act to follow.

Unposed wedding photography. Screaming Bride and Groom on bike adrenaline junkies, bouquet in air Mother of groom drinking tequila at Shustoke Barn wedding Flowergirl chomping on scone at Chilli Barn Wedding Two brides celebrating their wedding by swimming pool in Portugal. Onlooking dog. Tumeric ceremony at Sikh wedding in Sheffield Bridesmaids and batgirl in family group photo at a wedding in the Cotswolds Sweet moment between bride and groom at The Mount Vineyard Kent in amongst the vines Big colourful confetti moment for couple just married coming out of church Granny in wheelchair sneaks some prosecco whilst her carer laughs approvingly Bride getting torn to pieces by her dad during father of the bride speech on her wedding day at Macaroni Farm, Cotswolds Boy in Batman tie being fierce. Cute candid portrait Emotional hug between two friends at Axnoller Wedding Bride and groom can't get their rings on because it was so hot at Chilli Barn Wedding Big confetti moment at Garthmyl Hall Bride veil blows over her head outside Waltons Music Hall Wedding Venue Unposed wedding - flowergirl looks away form bride and groom getting married Dog licks it's face at wedding in the Cotswolds Wedding guest having fun at wedding at Hope Mill Theatre Machester Drunk bridesmaid with hand in the air lots of laughter. Blush bridesmaid dresses Page boy blowing out candles at The Case Wedding Leicester Stylish Wedding Guest in awesome socks Two grandmas admire wedding cake at Wedding in Kent Gorgeous mismatched bridal party at wedding at Sparkford Hall Bridesmaids celebrate marriage as they leave church in Manchester

If you have enjoyed looking through this post and you like the sound of me and my camera coming along to your wedding then do get in touch. I have some availability left for 2019 and my books are open for 2020 too. If you are a couple wanting fab, characterful and real pictures of you having a great time from a laid back and unobtrusive photographer –  then I’m your girl!


  1. John Hope

    I don’t think I’ve enjoyed looking through a ‘Best Of’ more! Bursting with humour, personality, colour and good times as always. One heck of a round up Mrs!! Take a bow 🙂

  2. Karen Flower

    Fanflippintastic! Loved looking at every single frame. So much joy, colour, love and fun.xxx

  3. Carrie

    Love your work Jordanna! Can’t believe you shot a lot of these pregnant! What a great job.

  4. Andy Wardle

    LOVE IT! Pure joy in every frame! If this doesn’t make you want to get married then nothing will!! Bloody great ;O) xx

  5. Matt Parry

    Clean, Crisp, Colourful and chock full of Joy, Characters and Fun. LOVE how you have kept to 100% colour..its like looking in the window of a sweet shop (except for them B+W striped ones???? cant remember what they are called)

    Anyway its great


  6. not chris barber

    i like these + i think you’re good at photography.

  7. Jonny B

    Yes cuz love that Colgate flavour. So fresh! So much love for you and all that you do pal. That 2nd to last shot of M of course makes this collection exceptional x

  8. Steve Gerrard

    Wow Jordanna! You’re like a fun magnet. So many great moments.

  9. Damian Brandon

    Yes J, I don’t think I have seen one yet with this much energy, colour, love, vibrance and laughter that is so so consistent throughout this collection.

    You have a wonderful eye and your timing is absolute class – This collection made me smile throughout!!

    Your amazing!!


  10. Sam Docker

    What a round up, and what a year! A stunning collection of frames Jord, loved scrolling down and smiling back at the screen!

  11. Nicci

    Wow you always know how to capture the “moments” at weddings and I love that you have such a unique perspective on the wedding day, how you see it really is something else. Super talented lady, loved looking at these. Xx

  12. Claudia Rose Carter

    Amazing!!! I want all of this in my life, all of the time. Fun to a different scaaaaaale. You have smashed 2018, especially with the birth of the newest Marston. So much love xxx

  13. Mj

    So much fun. Exactly what I’d want if I were getting married again, all the humour, loads of personality, a lovely edit. Superb!!!

  14. Kirsten Mavric

    Ah what an amazing collection, Jordanna. So many adorable moments,. Your clients are very lucky to have you x

  15. Adam Riley

    So so love your work Jordanna! I had a blast looking through these. The one with the dropped groomsmen is amazing….all the guys laughing and the girls looking shocked / concerned :-)))

  16. lyndsey

    A riot of colour and humour, a real assault on the eyes, in a good way! I love how you see things and the level of energy your photos deliver.

  17. Liam Smith

    straight up class! so much fun – phenomenal collection. I love the face down groomsmen in the grey suits, images with little context are always my favourite.


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