Fun wedding entertainment ideas

Apr 17, 2020

Fun wedding entertainment ideas between the ceremony and reception

This post explores some fun wedding entertainment ideas aka What to do in the gaps between the ceremony and the meal to keep your guests wowed, chatty and happy on your wedding day.

Connect 4 outdoor game ideas for your wedding

One of the things I get asked about the most as an informal wedding photographer is timings. You want your day to flow well, and you want to make sure your guests aren’t bored, so the whole day stretching ahead can feel like a giant abyss you need to cram full of STUFF. There’s a fine line as to how much stuff is the perfect amount – I’m about as maximalist as they come, but even I would advise against having too much going on, as often it gets forgotten about/left behind/totally unused, and it’s unnecessary stress when you’re planning. However, on the other end of the spectrum, you might want a little something to get your guests going whilst they’re waiting to be seated. Here’s some of my top, fun wedding entertainment ideas:

Alternative Bar and Barman at Mount Vineyard Wedding in Kent

Alternative wedding bar suggestions

Having canapes and bubbles available in cocktail hour isn’t exactly a groundbreaking suggestion, I know, but hear me out: the wheel has been reinvented in so many ways that there are now exceptionally entertaining ways of serving drinks at your wedding. Why not have espresso martinis from a silver Airstream ( gin cocktails from a bike, ( or a prosecco pimping station? Alternatively, if you’re having a winter wedding, why not have a hot chocolate or hot toddy station to warm people? 

Elvis Impersonator serenades Brides mum at Merriscourt Wedding

Singing waiters

And with great drinks, comes great food. There’s only so many ways you can jazz up a canape – they’re already pretty jazzy themselves, there’s something so JOYFUL about tiny little food – but there’s plenty of ways you can jazz up the delivery. Singing waiters sound twee and cliche but can actually be loads of fun – half terrifying, half electrifying fun. Essentially they masquerade as waiters, serving canapes, and then WHIP OUT THE SONG AND DANCE. Life is a colourful cabaret, for sure. 

Fun wedding entertainment ideas Brazillian Dancers and a live band

A live band

Your band doesn’t have to be for the post-dinner set – why not have them in the afternoon to crank up the volume too? Acoustic guitarists are great for a chilled, sophisticated vibe, a group of acapella angels will make you want to cry and dance in equal measure, or what about a string quartet that play Toxic by Britney? ( I’m sold. 

Jenga at fun wedding in bedfordshire

Outdoor games

Look, when I say outdoor games, we all know I mean spacehoppers ok? Let’s just get that out of the way now. Spacehoppers are stupidly fun, ridiculous in all the best ways, and turn full grown adults into giggling children when they’re around. They make for the best photos of your guests, too, which is obviously what I’m all about as a laidback wedding photographer. Giant Jenga, Twister, mini golf and limbo are all great shouts too.

Drinking Games as Fun Wedding Entertainment Ideas

And, as a subset of the above, drinking games

I’m not quite talking about Ring of Fire (that’s for later on in the night) but games like beer pong or prosecco pong set the tone for an excellent party to follow.

Child clips Sharpies to her dress at Islington Metalworks wedding

A live wedding illustrator

Imagine a roving reporter, but drawing pictures instead of writing (if you imagine them taking pictures – that’s me!) I love the interactive element of an illustrator like Draw My Wedding, who can capture your guests as artwork forever more. 

I will, of course, be on hand to capture all of their reactions in the moment, and revel in their delight with you. Want more stellar fun for your wedding day? Head to my contact page for chat all about your plans!


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