Dec 31, 2019

Hands up who loves January?! *Tumbleweed*

I hope you are all well rested after Christmas and that Twixtmas has left you 70% cheese, 20% chocolate, 0% regrets regarding the cheese and choccie and 10% full of daydreams for January and beyond.

Many find January a bit of a bleak month – the dark mornings don’t help nor does the fact that many of us are skint after all the gifting, socialising and general indulging in December. I often find myself tired after the busyness (translate as eating) of Christmas but I do enjoy taking the time to abandon social media; enjoy the quiet; indulge in simple pleasures and think about my intentions for the year ahead.

Recently I saw this slightly cheesy meme and I felt a lightbulb ting (as well as a firm boot up my ass…)

“Whatever you are not changing, You are choosing. Read that again.”

That really resonated with me, true innit?! 2020 is fast approaching and possibility is potent.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about resolutions here – the blasted things *generally speaking* just send me into a spiral of disappointment/guilt but I am talking about setting a list of small, manageable intentions – that i can look back on at the end of the year and consider if I have made any process. If I do, fab…if I don’t I’m not going to beat myself up – it’s pointless. So long as I am trying then that is fine by me.

Here is my list of intentions for 2020 – sharing with you makes me more accountable:
  • Less mindless (late evening) scrolling; more reading
  • Eating (even) less meat and making sure anything that passes my families lips is organic/ ethical. If you are interested we will be using Field and Flower
  • Drink more water – I’ve been reading about kidney stones and they sound horrendous. Some days I am like a lizard. It isn’t healthy!
  • Exercise more – walking and jumping on my bike
  • Make more time for friends – schedule stuff in our diaries so it actually happens
  • Spend more time in my garden and enjoy being an amateur and be hopeful for happy accidents
  • Work through ‘The Marketing Fix‘ a course designed by my brilliant friend, Melissa, and work on putting my work in front of more of my kind of people.
  • Write more – strive for authenticity not perfection. (That includes this blog which I have actually planned content for this year – go me! Not only sharing weddings but also some personal ramblings which I hope you’ll enjoy. Feedback welcomed 🙂 )

So, Hello January. I have high hopes for you and the rest of 2020 and long may this feeling of courage and confidence continue.

Happy New Year to you all and thanks for reading.

(This post is illustrated by a personal shot of my daughter, Tomasina, super excited to be taking some baby steps over the Christmas period. Bless her cotton socks.)


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