Creative Jewish Wedding Photos – Steph & Howard

Feb 26, 2016

Jewish Wedding PhotosCreative Jewish Wedding Photos at The May Fair, London

I do love me a Jewish Wedding and I love that year on year I get more opportunities to shoot more – it is genuinely such a privilege to be given the opportunity and to learn more about the Jewish customs.

I was stoked (really I was and no I am not Australian) when Howard and Steph contacted me about their wedding. I had shot Howard’s sister’s wedding the year before and had had a ball. You can take a peek at Lisa and Simon’s wedding here if you would like to. They spoke about how they would be married in New West End Synagogue in Bayswater before moving on for their black tie do at The May Fair Hotel. It all sounded very glamorous and typically hectic – just how I like them!

There is something about the energy of Jewish Weddings that is just insane. They are just non stop. Non stop rituals, non stop eating, non stop partying. To photograph they are challenging and often tough but brilliant – full of emotion, full of opportunities just to get involved and to simply document what is in front of you. I literally had 5 minutes for portraits on this day and that included walking time – but it didn’t matter. I was able to get so many shots of the newlyweds when they were dancing and praying and laughing, being flung around  – the genuine stuff that really floats my boat. I adore shooting Jewish weddings…but then I am someone who thrives under pressure! Howard and Steph I’m sure you know exactly where I am coming from 😉

This would be my first time in a synagogue – and it didn’t disappoint. The Rabbi was so friendly, accommodating and funny and his words were so beautiful. Seriously special. Wrap your ears around his moving words here in the Super Movie we made for them.

Of course the dancing was epic…as was the food and the band oh and the master of ceremonies – Jamie – you were a hero! It was all ace. And Howard and Steph (and families) are wonderful. Much love!

Here are some favourites from the day…

TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-1 TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-11 TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-18 Jewish Wedding Photos TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-27 TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-36 TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-41 TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-42 TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-44 Jewish Wedding Photography TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-58 TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-64 TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-65 Jewish Wedding Photography TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-74 TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-79 TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-84 TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-96 Jewish Wedding Photography TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-101 TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-111 Jewish Wedding Photography Jewish Wedding Photography TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-145 TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-149 TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-180 Jewish Wedding Photography Jewish Wedding Photos TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-225 TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-228 TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-266 TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-269 TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-276 TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-279 TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-281 TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-285 TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-297 TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-338 Jewish Wedding Photos TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-389 TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-394 TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-398 Jewish Wedding Photos Alternative Jewish Wedding Photos Creative Jewish Wedding Photos TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-447 TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-472 Jewish Wedding Photos TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-485 TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-489 Modern Jewish Wedding Photography Documentary Jewish Wedding Photos Jewish Wedding Photos TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-604 TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-605 TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-639 TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-650 TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-653 TheMayfairWeddingPhotos-654

Thanks to both Jason Williams and Sarah Morris who helped me out on the day – both of you were fab.

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  1. Mark White

    This wedding looks great. Fab selection of photographs. I particularly like the black and whites.


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