Logie House Wedding (a.k.a. maybe the most fun wedding ever)

Mar 3, 2023

We knew we definitely didn't want cheesy, traditional looking, posed photos - we just wanted to have fun and someone to capture it and Jordanna gave us that entirely!! We loved Jordanna's laid back personality, colourful photography and I genuinely feel like I have gained a friend in her. She's 100% the best decision we made!"

Couple dance outside after getting married at Logie House Wedding

Logie House Wedding // If I tried to sum up Heather and Blair’s wedding in one word, it would be FUN. Their Logie House wedding was, like so many, postponed due to The Thing That Shall Not Be Named, but when the day came round it was absolutely worth the wait.

Logie House wedding venue

Heather and Blair’s wedding venue was a total stunner: originally a fortified castle, it’s now a private country house set in 130 acres of rolling Scottish countryside. 

“There are so so so many reasons we fell in love with a Logie House wedding,” Heather says. “We loved that we had full exclusive use from the Friday – Monday so we could stretch out the wedding weekend (milked it!). The stunning ballroom was in a separate building about 30 steps from the house, it has 2 outdoor hot tubs and an indoor pool so we knew it would be a good party house. 

“It also sleeps 40 people so we had plenty of room for all our closest friends and family to stay with us. It is also dog friendly, a huge bonus point for us as we couldn’t have had a wedding without our dog there. The owners and wedding coordinator are also the loveliest people, so it was an easy choice for us.”  bridesmaid pops cork at Logie House Wedding Groom fastening his buttonhole being helped by groomsman in kilts Guests arrive at Logie House by coach Bride with rollers in her hair getting ready for her Scottish wedding Doggy at wedding at Logie House ready for his moment Flowergirl in busy bridal room getting ready with H balloon for bride Heather Bride hugs her mum during wedding prep Bride comes downstairs of Logie House to greet her step dad. Flowers all over the banister.Bride, her bother and step dad walk together into the ceremony.

An Aberdeen wedding full of infectious energy, and personal touches

No, not that kind of infectious. I joined both Heather and Blair on the morning of their Logie House wedding, and from the get go their joy and excitement was palpable. They were also well up for a laugh, too – as evidenced when it was time to walk down the aisle. Their dog, Lola, walked down the aisle with groomsman Jason…who was chosen deliberately because he’d told Heather and Blair beforehand that he didn’t like her, and called her the warthog! 

Heather walked down the aisle already beaming, accompanied by her brother and step dad (who actually accidentally stood on her dress at the top of the aisle, pulling the veil clean out of her head! Again, this was all taken in good stride – Heather found it hilarious, and looks back on it fondly as setting the tone for the rest of the day.) 

Groom takes sip of strong Scotch whiskey before his wedding. Best man laughs on. Room dressed with neon lights. bride arrives walks up aisle of Logie House Wedding Flower girl and dog look on with groomsmen in kilts during ceremonyAs well as being wall-to-wall fun their Logie House wedding day was also super personal, full of unique details that were special to them. From their ceremony, where they wrote their own vows, had their mums as witnesses, and Heather’s 3 best friends did a surprise reading; to the cocktail hour, where a local musician who Heather had once commissioned a slowed down version of Disclosure’s Latch for Blair played; to the reception, where their best friends had mixed the commissioned song with the original to make a totally unique first dance song.  Post wedding celebrations. Bride and groom exit ceremony area at Logie House WeddingBride and Groom laughing and smiling after getting married and guests following them for confetti grrom gives the thumbs up after getting married Bride walking with maid of honour Bridesmaid carrying bride's veil bride laughing Groom and his sister pose for a photo Couple walking confetti walk at wedding in AberdeenMother of bride beaming with brideFlower girl on bike riding in amongst guests during cocktail hour outside Page boy rides his sister'd tiny bike down Aberdeen hills Awesome guest dressed head to toe in gold takes snap on her phone Large group shot of guests in Logie House grounds Guest being silly during group shots Bride super happy black and white portrait girls at wedding take a selfie on their phone Bride hugs groom's dad at Aberdeenshire wedding Bridesmaids and bride group shot Page boy holds bride bouquet and gets caught out by the ohotographer

Before that, though, Heather and Blair had secretly asked Gav on Sax, who’d made an appearance at Heather’s hen party, to come to their Logie House wedding and play before the band came on. They also had a glitter bar, as well as a ball pit (which was apparently intended for the kids…but as you can see made an excellent photo opportunity at the end of the night!)  

Smoke bombs group shots with whole bridal party Smoke bomb photos with best friends at Logie House Wedding Bride makes a dash for it with smoke bomb aloft Bride and Groom have a kiss with smoke bombs in hand whilst firends circle them with their smoke bombs at Scottish wedidng

This super bespoke, high energy celebration style was present for  everything on the day. The group shots with the smoke bombs, the couples’ portraits, the dinosaur cake toppers, the speeches, the neon signage…even the pampas grass flowers, arranged so beautifully by Eucalyptus & Twine. On Sunday evening, Heather and some of her girls took down the flowers from the staircase, the top table display and the arch flowers, and created lots of bouquets for everyone to take home. Now, two of these are pride of place in Heather and Blair’s home. How lovely is that?!

Portraits of the bride and groom at Logie House wedding Bride hugs dog sat on road at wedding venue Bride and groom laugh together for a portrait Bride and groom go in for a kiss Bride and groom kiss Bride takes a piggy back from groom Bride running along road at wedding venue in Aberdeen Bride having a piggy back at Logie House Wedding in Scotland

But don’t just take my word for it…

Now, the eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that a Logie House wedding is, in fact, an Aberdeen wedding, and that therefore this fun wedding photography took place a fair distance from my home. You might be thinking Jordanna! I thought you were a London wedding photographer! How come you’re photographing an Aberdeen wedding?! And the answer is: because Heather and Blair asked me to! In fact, Heather had this to say about choosing me: 

“Photography for me was always the most important thing for our wedding… memories can fade but photos live forever. I really value good photos so Blair and I spent HOURS endlessly googling photographers trying to find the perfect one for our day. We came across Jordanna and after viewing a few galleries knew we had to get her locked in. Every single picture on every gallery we viewed was fit for a frame, and our gallery was absolutely no exception.

We knew we definitely didn’t want cheesy, traditional looking, posed photos – we just wanted to have fun and someone to capture it and Jordanna gave us that entirely!! We loved Jordanna’s laid back personality, colourful photography and I genuinely feel like I have gained a friend in her. She’s 100% the best decision we made!”

I’ll just leave that there whilst I sob into my keyboard…thank you, Heather and Blair, you brilliant people you. 

Bride throws head back laughing during speeches whilst groom grimaces Bride crying during speeches Bride cheers during wedding speeches Bride and groom laugh facing each other during Logie House celebrations Bride and groom laughing during speeches Bride in front of sparkly neon backdrop dancing with saxophonist Party time guests dancing at Logie House Wedding Bride applies facial glitter tattoos duing wedding party Bride and sax man dancing again on dance floor at Logie House Groom kisses flower girl on dancefloor Birde and groom first dance smooch on dancefloor Confetti on dacefloor after first dance Groom wears brides veil and kilt on dancefloor Guests dancing at Logie House wedding Flower girl playing with discarded confetti on dancefloor Bride and groom rather drunk with guest Bride does a shot pulls a funny disgusted face Bride and groom very drunk in ball pit Drunk newlyweds in ballpit throwing balls in the air Bride laying on floor with one of her best friends throwing confetti in the air Bride and friend laugh together whilst laying on dancefloor Bride and friend embrace on dancefloor sat underneath their The Courteeners quote neon light Sparklers outside at Logie House Bride and Groom dance with sparklers outside of Logie House

Fun wedding photography for colourful couples

Planning a Logie House wedding, and looking for a photographer who can capture it in all of its glory? Maybe you’re planning your day at another Aberdeen wedding venue, and need a photographer who’s up for diving headfirst into the perfect madness you’ve got up your sleeve. Whatever you’ve got planned, if you’re looking for fun wedding photography, I’d love to toss my hat into the ring – you can get in touch here to tell me your plans.


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