Micklefield Hall Wedding Photos – Claire & Dave

Aug 15, 2016


Micklefield Hall Wedding – Marvellous Jewish Wedding

Claire and Dave’s Micklefield Hall Wedding was great fun – the party was epic. Props to Creation who I have seen at a few weddings now and are absolutely brilliant at keeping the party pumping. It was my first time at Micklefield Hall and I’d really love to shoot there again – it was a fab all-in-one type venue and the countryside views were absolutely gorgeous.

Instead of waffling on I will leave you to a small selection of their wedding photographs. I hope you enjoy them and reading about Claire’s planning tips below if you wish.

Best wishes for your future together, Franks. I am sure you are going to have a really good laugh together and in my eyes that is the most important thing.

“Jordanna was fab¬†and so easy to be around! You understood I wasn’t the most typical giddy bride and worked with me well! I love Jordanna’s style and wanted something different to what I’ve seen before at friends weddings. We’re not the most posy couple and I’m more used to being behind the camera then in front of it but Jordanna made it all very relaxed and fun!”

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Claire’s Words of Wedding Wisdom…

Where our story began…We met on Tinder! Modern day couple! He proposed to me in November 2015 at Whittlebury Hall Spa. He made me a video which was very impressive as when we met he didn’t really use any apps or anything. (I’ve trained him up well!) He made me a lovely video montage of or whole relationship to the song My Girl and at the end it said ‘Keep calm and will you marry me?’ and then when I turned around he had that printed on the front of his t shirt and was holding the ring. My Girl became our song as on our third date he took me for drinks and the guy seranaded us with that song and tried to make Dave sing it too me! It was very awkward as I wasn’t his girl yet as it was only date 3! So it became our song from there! We had a 8 month engagement.

Our venue…We wanted somewhere that wasn’t too formal and pretty pretty with the potential to get married outdoors. Obviously it’s the UK so it was a gamble but it paid off! We both love beautiful country grounds and fell in love with the venue every time we visited it!

The style…We wanted a more vintage relaxed feel from our look. The bridesmaid dresses were lovely and floral and different to what we had seen before. I loved the bow tie and braces look and convinced Dave that he loved it too! With my dress I just wanted something classy but also that had a bit of vintage beading and bling on it and that’s what I found.

The flowers…I wanted a wooden looking chuppah rather than fabric or metal etc and when I met Alexandra the florist she could provide me with this and everything else I wanted. She understood my vision straight away. I wanted my centre peices to be relaxed and not too in your face but also to be pretty and individual to each table. I made a lot of the signage etc as being a designer came in handy and this allowed me to accentuate my theme.

The ceremony…The rabbi led the ceremony. We had a Chazan who sung the Sheva Brachot which are the prayers but he did some to the Les Mis songs as I love musicals! It made it unique to us and really special.

The party…We had the band Creation who played throughout the ceremony, the reception and then at the party. They were incredible and worth every penny. We highly recommend! And of course, our first dance was to ‘My Girl’.

Top tip…¬†Really focus on your budget and work out what elements are important to you. We hired a grass love sign by The Fabric Florist and it wasn’t expensive but everyone was talking about it for days. Little quirky elements that can show off your personality but not breaking the bank are definitely the way to go! Good luck and try not to get too stressed out! I had a engagement for 8 months which meant I had to start planning straight away. So a longer engagement is definitely easier as even wedding dresses take 6-7 months!




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