What to do if it rains on your wedding day

Jun 5, 2023

Rain on your wedding day // As your alternative wedding photographer, it’s my job to make your wedding the best it can be, regardless of what life throws at you. As part of this, then, it’s also my job to warn you (kindly) that there’s a very real possibility it might rain on your wedding day, and to assure you (politely but firmly) that this shouldn’t be the end of the world for it or for you!

On average, it rains just under half the year in Britain, meaning there’s a pretty high chance that you may get some on your wedding day. Whether it’s a drizzle or a downpour, here’s my advice on how to handle it so it doesn’t dampen your spirits:Guests gather to watch the wedding of Rachel and Charlie in the rain in a garden in Blackheath, London.

Prepare for it

The main thing is to prepare for it. This is a bit of an answering-the-question-with-the-question scenario, but accepting that it might rain on your wedding day – and that your day will be marvellous regardless – is half the battle. If the forecast is suggesting rain in the weeks leading up, use that time to work out what you can do about it; and unless you’ve got some child-of-a-Norse-god weather bending powers you failed to mention in our prep, this means what you can do to make the most of it, not what you can do to stop it happening!

Not letting it consume you is so important in the leadup. It also saves you experiencing any worry or disappointment on the day itself; I promise you it will be an exceptional day regardless!

Happy couple get married in outdoor ceremony in the rain under a big white umbrella.

Work out a wet weather plan with your venue

If your venue is outdoors, they’re bound to have a wet weather option – make sure you know what it is, so that you’re not surprised when you turn up. Depending on the venue and the space, it could be a canopy, awning, or removable roof over your space, a tent or it could be relocating your plans to a different room within the venue. If you have to change your plans at the last minute to incorporate your ceremony and reception in the same room, have a think about what you can do in the interim with your guests, and ask your venue where this will be held instead.

Confetti still thrown despite the rain and the couple and guests all being under umbrellas.

Chat to your wedding planner

If you’re working with a wedding planner, it’s a good idea to liaise with them on your preferences for Plans B through Z. Especially with the super unpredictable weather we’ve been experiencing lately in this country, it can be blazing sunshine one minute and a biblical downpour the next. Coming up with a cutoff point for making the decision of indoor- or outdoor- setup on the morning is useful for everyone.

Bride arrives for her church ceremony on London under a canopy of brollies. Guests greet bride from under their umbrellas during rainy wedding in London.

Highlight the possibility to guests

Sure, saying stuff out loud makes things seem more real, but your guests will be really grateful for the heads up (what they decide to do with that info, mind you, is not your problem). Warning people of potential rain on your invites or wedding website could convince your aunt to not turn up in 6 inch stilettos and subsequently avoid getting stuck in a muddy field-come-trench.

Guests at wedding in Blackheath with lots of umbrella and ponchos

Hire or buy brollies (because people will inevitably forget their own)

Even if you have a wet weather plan in place with your venue, some parts of the day may require momentary exposure to the elements for your guests, like going outside to smoke or travelling between two different venues. In this case, you might want to consider buying or hiring umbrellas for your guests to use, to stop them getting soaked.

…and blankets too

Sadly in this country of ours, the rain often comes with cold too. Companies like Brollybucket hire out blankets as well as umbrellas, which you can dot around to keep your guests roasty toasty. You can also have elements of your wedding to focus on cosy warmth, like a hot chocolate station, a crumble station, or hot toddies at the bar. YES PLEASE.

Rain on your wedding day doesn't have to spoil the fun. Guests have drinks and canapes underneath umbreallas during drinks reception.

Remember it won’t ruin it!

If I can impart anything upon you, young grasshoppers, it’s that rain on your wedding day is a nuisance, but it isn’t make or break. Your guests are there to celebrate you two in love, and as far as I know you love each other in wet weather as well as blazing sunshine. Accept it, embrace it, and maybe even enjoy it – rain can make for excellent photos and excellent memories, and I’ll help you with it all.

Couple chill under a umbrella during rain on their wedding day at their London wedding at Walthamstow Wetlands Wedding

If you are looking for a photographer who is willing to get wet in order to get the shot then give me a shout 🙂


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