Should I have an Engagement Shoot?

Apr 7, 2017

Engagement Shoot and a chance for us to get together

Having an Engagement Shoot is always a good idea…

Engagement Shoot // So chances are the whole thought of having an engagement shoot makes CRINGE. But I know why. It’s because you are scared. There is no need for you to be scared of course – but I do get it. I too hate having my photo taken – feeling awkward and not knowing what to do. I have one camera face – a bit like Chandler Bing if you like – and I make myself look like, well, a right knob. So I avoid having my photo taken. does this sound like you too?

Probably the last time you had your photo taken by a professional photographer was when you were having your school photo done…again awkward.

Chance for us to meet and hang out

Having an engagement shoot with me will be totally different. I can’t guarantee you won’t feel awkward to begin with but I bet you by the end that you will have enjoyed it. From my perspective it is super helpful to me to get to know the two of you and what makes you tick. As well as an opportunity for you to get your heads around my approach.

My approach at your wedding is 95% Photojournalistic

95% of my coverage on your wedding day is photojournalistic. So I’ll only ever direct you a little on your portraits or during your family groups whereas an engagement shoot is like an extended portrait shoot – so it will feel different.

On average I get somewhere between 20 – 40 mins over the course of a wedding day for portraits. Whereas we could be shooting for an hour for your engagement shoot. We could, if you are up for it, get really creative if you’d like too or we could just keep it really simple. I won’t make you do anything cheesy though – I promise – my aim is just to get you to relax and enjoy each others company.

Building rapport and trust is key to fab images

Building rapport and trust with you prior to your wedding day is what, I think, makes my work so characterful, natural and fun. The worries have gone you can just get on and enjoy your wedding day. This doesn’t mean to say though that we can’t produce some beautiful images of you on your engagement shoot – in fact I bet you we do. Being engaged is a special time in itself, why would you not want to capture that?

Each of my wedding couples are welcome to a complimentary Engagement Shoot

The best bit, I offer complimentary engagement shoots to all my wedding couples so you really have no excuses. Let’s hang out, get to know each other and create some gorgeous, relaxed shots of you two as a couple.

I have included some images from Leo & Leonie and Hannah & Andy’s engagement shoots to illustrate this blog. I hope you like…

Relaxed Engagement Shoot

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