Shustoke Farm Barns Wedding Photos – Zoé & Dan

May 23, 2016


Shustoke Farm Barns Wedding Photos for The Gleesons

Where to start? Well, I know you hear me say this a lot BUT I love these two. They are both so kind, generous and fun. (Note to self: And besides why should I feel the need to apologise for loving the couples I work with?!)

They had a lovely family orientated ceremony at the church in Coleshill, Birmingham – where Zoé’s mum and dad were married too a few years previously – before heading to the fabulous Shustoke Farm Barns for their party.

It goes without saying, Zoé looked sensational. This girl looks great in casual gear (see here on their engagement shoot) so I knew she’d look super glam. Her hair thanks to Fay at Hair Hostess was huge and made me feel even more rubbish about my really dodgy half grown out asymmetric cut that I am desperately growing…ha ha. Her dress was from Tilly Trotters Boutique and was not only very pretty but very sassy too. Special mention to my mate Hannah of Bloom Fleuriste for the wonderful flowers – seriously this girl is something else! She transformed Shustoke Farm Barns – go check her out immediately Midlands brides to be! As for Zoé’s gaggle of bridesmaids – they looked super hot in dresses from JCrew.

And then we get to the boys. I was really excited to see what Dan had chosen for himself from the best bespoke tailors in the Midlands – Clements and Church – and he did not disappoint! He looked frickin’ cool. Navy and dark green checked suit with all the trimmings – Well done Sir! I love it when a groom doesn’t play it safe – don’t get me wrong Zoé still stole the show but Dan gave her a good run for her money. In fact we won’t mention who spent more on their outfit. (Ahem!) His crew looked pretty sharp too in their forest green suits.

Anyway, I could rattle on about all the detail: the gold touches; the light up letters; the Manolo Blahniks; the two tone brogues…but it was the people that made this wedding special. Such a joyous bunch that were a real pleasure to be around.

I am so happy that Zoé connected with me way back in 2014 – you are my sort of people and I very much hope you stay in touch and go on to have a wonderful married life full of laughter, adventures and footie 😉

Here are a selection of images from their gorgeous day at Shustoke Farm Barns

Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding007Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding018Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding030Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding025Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding033 Modern Wedding Photography Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding052Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding070Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding072Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding098 Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding106Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding125 Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding137 Relaxed Wedding Photography Birmingham Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding151 Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding153Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding165Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding167Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding249Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding184 Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding198 Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding243 Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding172Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding265 Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding276 Colourfuk Wedding Photography BirminghamShustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding285 Alternative Wedding Photographer Birmingham Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding300 Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding301 Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding304 Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding361Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding316 Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding380 Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding433 Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding446 Shustoke Farm Barns WeddingShustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding488Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding478Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding473Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding493Shustoke Farm Barns Wedding Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding515Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding535 Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding549 Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding551 Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding584 Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding586 Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding593 Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding601 Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding611 Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding620 Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding630 Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding664 Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding675Shustoke-Farm-Barns-Wedding701

Many thanks to Jeni Smith for seconding for me – lovely, talented girl check her work out at – and it’s always fun to work alongside my videographer, Mark. Watch this space for his Supermovie of Zoé & Dan’s day.


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