A Snowy Engagement Shoot in Northamptonshire for Jemma & Pierce

Mar 14, 2018

Snowy Engagement Shoot in Northamptonshire for this fabulous pair

Remember when it bucketed down with snow and there was literally no one out anywhere because the wind was so cold?!

Snowy Engagement Shoot in Northamptonshire // Well…everyone but these two nutters and me!

But I am so glad that Jemma and Pierce did make the trip to see me at home in Northamptonshire because one of my favourite haunts, Irchester Country Park, was transformed into a wonderful winter spring??? wonderland. Seriously, how beautiful?!

All my wedding couples are welcome to see me for an engagement shoot

Although engagement shoots are not at all like how I approach a wedding day – I still find them so valuable –  which is why I continue to offer them to all my wedding couples as a complimentary extra. Let’s be perfectly honest, you can’t really get more contrived than an engagement shoot – you’ve driven to see me for the sole reason of being photographed. Whereas on a wedding day you have lots of things going on and the sole focus is not at all on the photos – instead I will just blend into the background and encourage you just to crack on with having a fabulous day – which I just happen to be there photographing for you.

Build a relationship

The thing I love about engagement shoots best is that we can get to know each other. I get to hear all about your wedding day plans; your quirks and how you got to where you are now. I genuinely love to hear your stories and I really feel like my wedding day work benefits if I have met and photographed you beforehand. Mainly because – in general – you have got a chance to get to know me too and you are more chilled in my presence. You know you don’t need to put on any airs and graces and are just very comfortable to relax and be yourselves.

If you are shy definitely come for an engagement shoot – it might sound terrifying but really I am not!

I hate getting photographed and until I relax I know I am one of those people that pull awkward faces – I get a lot of grooms that claim they have the Chandler Bing Face nailed. I feel you,  I am the same. But it is part of my job to get you to chill, enjoy each others company and just kinda ignore the fact that I am there at all. I promise you it will be fine! And I’ll make you another promise on the wedding day you will feel even more chilled about being photographed because you will have so many other lovely distractions going on. Bet you anything you’ll be surprised what a fun afternoon we’ll have!

After the shoot

After the engagement shoot I will send you a password protected gallery of your final collection of images. You can order a print or two or all through the attached online shop should you wish to. How often do you get the chance to be photographed just looking like a lovely version of you on a normal day? As a rule of thumb, is one of you always the one taking the photo? Is the best photo you have just one from a crappy phone selfie? Having an engagement shoot is a fab opportunity to fill that gap – or maybe you could use the images for your save the dates/ a signing board or as a gift for parents. Just ideas – there’s no hard sell here!

if you’d like to check out this article I wrote about engagement shoots too. 

Anyway over to Jemma & Pierce and a few highlights from their snowy engagement shoot in Northamptonshire…


Couple facing each other laughing in the snow in Northamptonshire Couple on their snowy engagement shoot in Northamptonshire stood either side of a tree Couple hand in hand in the snow on their snowy e shoot Couple hugging in the snowy woodland in Northamptonshire Girl runs down snowy hill into her finances arms at the bottom- comical face Couple cuddling in the snow in the woods girl looking at camera laughing Romantic shot of couple kissing in the snow in Northamptonshire at Irchester Country Park


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