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May 25, 2016

Best Wedding Movies - We make Movies


You may or may not know that we also do Movies….and we don’t call them videos!

The whole concept of the video gets a raw deal, and maybe rightly so, as many of them are still terrible! Just the term ‘wedding video’ conjures up images of those wobbly three hour videothons of yesteryear which look like an uncle’s filmed them on his Handycam. This results in lots of people either not even considering one, or leaving it until there’s no budget left and paying a few hundred for exactly the kind of video that made them unsure about a video in the first place – Ironic, huh?!
Instead, our movies are called SuperMovies, hopefully for obvious reasons! Because they’re super but also cos they take superhuman effort in the filming and editing – distilling the fabulous essence of your day into a beautiful, natural-feeling, hugely crafted short film that says way more than anything we left out.
We offer two types of movie, the original SuperMovie (which uses sound from the ceremony and groom speech to maximise emotion) and the Music Only SuperMovie, which is edited just to music (it’s all in the title! 🙂 )
We feel it’s really important to be as unobtrusive as possible making these movies. as so many video companies have two or three people and multiple cameras and the whole thing starts to feel like a Hollywood production, completely NOT what you need on your big day.  We do the opposite. it’s just one extra smiley guy, Mark, gathering lots of lovely footage from afar on a small camera that looks just like my camera, and many people forget he’s even there, which is hopefully reflected in the natural vibe of the movies.
Here’s the thing, and I really believe this from experience – aside from great photographs, a movie like this is hands down the best money you can ever spend on a wedding, as it’s the closest you ever get to bringing the day, and all the substantial time/money/love invested in it, back to life again. Transporting you back to the day in a way that memories – which fade so fast, our wedding is already a blur –  never can. Mark made my own wedding movie and I’m so glad he did, I was so nervous on the day I couldn’t take much of it in. The day flew by and I missed so much, but thankfully so many gorgeous moments are preserved in our film.
Everything you may wish to know about our Movies can be found here. Feel free to drop me a line if you would like to have a chat.
I’ll leave you today with Lou and Warren’s Music Only SuperMovie…A super happy day and a whole bunch of people who knew how to have a good time! I really must blog this one myself!


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