Wedding Dancefloor Playlist

Nov 24, 2017

Wedding Dancefloor Playlist

I’m yet to blog Sophie & John’s wedding…but it was a corker and the dancefloor was packed!

Wedding Dancefloor Playlist

Today on this Blackest of Fridays, I’ve created a Wedding Dancefloor Playlist for you. Hell if for nothing else, you can whack it on whilst spending all your money today on stuff you never knew you needed cos 75% off! :-S
Less of the sarcasm more of the wedding chat…
Let’s face it, you want your wedding day to be one massive celebration of love, family and friendship.  And the best way to celebrate this is by having a proper good party.  So once all the important stuff is all out of the way its time for everyone to let their hair down and go nuts with the dancing.  I love nothing more than getting right in amongst it all on the dance floor to get photos of your Nan strutting her stuff to the Rolling Stones, or your Uncle on his knees lip syncing to Pour Some Sugar On Me.
I would say that I see about a 50/50 mix of couples choosing a DJ or a band.  And both can provide a really good atmosphere to ensure your evening reception is bouncing!  It’s part of a DJ’s job to suss out the crowd and play tunes accordingly to get the dance floor packed but I also think its really a good idea to provide a DJ with an indication ahead of time as to the type of music you and your family and friends are going to enjoy hearing on the dance floor. I mean I’m not one to judge but if you were expecting Rudimental you might be a little miffed if you get Steps! 🙂 Or of course, you could totally do your own thing and just set up a playlist – I’d recommend nominating a friend to be in charge of that on the night then just in case things go a little….er….Pete Tong. (Sorry couldn’t resist)
I have a really eclectic taste in music – and this isn’t a cop out it’s the truth! I love reggae, drum n bass, some grime, britpop, funk, soul, some ska, northern soul, revival mod, opera, old rock n roll, funky house…hell even a bit of jungle and old skool garage (although I hated it at the time I like to hear the occasional classic nowadays!) And whilst I’m coming clean – yes I like  the odd musical and yes I have the Trolls soundtrack in my car! 🙂 ( I do also have a six year old…not that it always gets turned off once he’s been dropped off) *Whooosh there goes my streetcred* Ha ha!
I also LOVE a good, sweaty dance! Anyway…
I’ve got a few firm favourites which seem to always go down well on the dance floor regardless of the age of your guests. I’ve compiled a Funk & Soul Spotify playlist which you can access below – and hey, its not just for weddings, you could use this for hoovering if you wish! Maybe I’ll follow it up with another genre of music in the future if you enjoy it…or maybe I’ll leave the DJing to the professionals 😀


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