How to get the best confetti shots

May 22, 2020

Your confetti moment is the pinnacle, the funnest moment of your best day ever – and the confetti photo is THE picture that captures the pure joy of it all!

How to get frame worthy confetti shots at your wedding

How to get the best confetti shots // Confetti shots combine everything I love about the weddings I do: vibrant colour, absolute joy and genuine human reactions. I also love how up for having stuff chucked at their face my couples are – and how game their guests always are to do said chucking!

Though the photos always look spontaneous and effortless, confetti shots do take some work to get just right. Don’t fret, it’s nothing too strenuous! But I consider myself somewhat of a confetti expert now – occupational hazard – so here’s my guide to getting the best confetti shots at your wedding.

Awesome confetti shots outside Oxleaze Barn

Buy your own confetti, and buy more than you ever think you’ll need

If you want a confetti photo with impact, don’t rely on your guests to bring their own – sure, your grandma probably has a good stash in her handbag, but that won’t cover everyone. When you’re buying your own, make sure that you buy enough: a litre of confetti may sound like a lot, but that only actually accounts for 5-10 people throwing it. Account for everyone to have 1-2 handfuls to throw.

Big and bold confetti for impactful confetti shots

Buy big, light pieces of confetti if you can

Who knew there was so much science in confetti throwing?! Individually big confetti pieces work best as they’re easily picked up by the camera. You also want the confetti pieces to be light, so that they take longer to float down. This gives you more time to get the perfect shot, as opposed to heavier pieces of confetti which just plummet straight down before you’ve had chance to properly take your first step.

Red confetti for red dress bride made for an ace confetti shot

Choose the colour depending on your backdrop

Though your confetti needs to be light in weight (ok, technically it’s mass, I know), should it be light in colour too? The ideal colour for awesome confetti shots depends on your backdrop. You want a colour that will stand out – a dark backdrop always makes lighter or brighter things really pop in photos. Make sure there’s space for everyone too, whether you’ll be walking between two lines of confetti-wielding guests, or standing in front of them all stood together.

Awesome confetti shots of same sex wedding on Brighton Beach

See more of Michaela and Amy’s supercool Brighton Wedding day here.

Coordinate your awesome confetti shots with your photographer

It’s crucial to coordinate your confetti shots with your photographer – not only to find your ideal backdrop, but for a myriad of other reasons too. Awesome confetti shots require more pre-planning than you’d think, and this is true even for relaxed, documentary style photographers like me, who want the bare minimum of shots to be staged and posed!

For example, allowing some time in the schedule for confetti means we can get everyone in place to nail the shot without worrying about having to jump on a bus straight after. It also gives me chance to everyone in position and get them prepped with how best to throw it (for future reference, it’s up high, rather than straight forward). Colourful Alternative wedding photographer by day, confetti master by night. What can I say?

It’s worth checking in with your venue about confetti too; a lot of them have restrictions and rules around what confetti they allow (for example, a lot of venues only allow natural and biodegradable confetti).

Funny confetti shots of confetti going in grooms face at South Farm Wedding

Embrace it going in your face

I wasn’t joking when I said the glee your friends will derive from chucking something in your face is unbelievable. And often, these are the best shots – the laughter that ensues shortly after is second to none. Although it’s tempting to turn your face away, fight the natural instinct and keep looking forward – head up, laughs abounding. Bob’s your uncle!

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