How can we make our wedding Green?

Apr 24, 2020

Ideas for a Green Wedding

Ideas for a Green Wedding // Sure, you want the feeling and memory of your wedding to last a lifetime, but you don’t want the footprint of your wedding stamped on the face of the earth for centuries to come too. Once upon a time, ‘green’ weddings were synonymous with a very specific style that definitely wasn’t to everyone’s taste, or where even working out what is eco-friendly and what isn’t simply wasn’t possible. I’m glad to say those days are long behind us, so here’s a round up of some easy ideas for a green wedding that’s still a shedload of fun.

Wedding decor that can be recycled toys taken home by kids at wedding from table decorations

Eco-friendly decor decisions

Being clever with your decor can not only save you money, but save the world too. If you’ve got a backdrop for behind you at the end of the aisle, for example, why not move it to behind your chairs for your meal? Or if you’ve got some big floral installations to add pops of colour for your ceremony, why not use them in front of the door to your reception space too? It’ll help keep your styling throughout the day continuous – just make sure you explain this to your suppliers so they can factor in moving it on the day. You’ll be too busy drinking champagne and being showered with compliments from your nearest and dearest – that’s an order.

An obvious way to be as eco-friendly as possible with your decor is to hire it rather than buying it and then chucking it – companies like Vowed and Amazed have a collection of ridiculously cool props that will elevate your wedding style to levels UNHEARD OF. And if hire isn’t an option, why not go for a focal piece of styling that you can then have in your home afterwards? Neon signs work super well for this – from the wall at your wedding to the wall in your living room.

Ideas for a Green Wedding pick a eco friendly and local wedding caterer

Choosing an eco-friendly wedding caterer

A lot of wedding caterers are really paving the way with making eco-friendly wedding choices. Loads of great companies are now being really transparent about the ingredients they’re using and who produces them, making sure they’re local (minimising their carbon footprint from travel) and seasonal (reducing the need for nasty, harmful chemicals to force them to grow out of season). And if crockery isn’t an option for your eating arrangements, could you ensure that you’re only using biodegradable or compostable plates and eco-friendly cutlery? 

Recycle bottles as eco friendly wedding props

Eco-friendly wedding invites 

There’s loads of ways of ensuring you’ve got green wedding stationery, without compromising on style. Firstly, of course, you could send the invites online, and use a system like Gettin’ Hitched Rocks to keep track of RSVPs, menu choices, and all the details you need. If you’d still prefer to send a paper invite, why not choose a paper that can serve a purpose after your wedding? Paper people are very clever nowadays – for example, you can get invites made on paper that contains wildflower seeds to be planted, or in the style of newspapers that people can frame or use for fire kindling (whichever they’d prefer!).

Second hand Vintage Wedding Dress as a Green Option for the Eco concious bride

Choosing a wedding outfit that’s eco-friendly

First off, I would like to point out that if you had a literal green-coloured wedding outfit I’d be very on board, considering my whole vibe is colourful alternative wedding photography. But if we’re talking more ideologically green, there’s loads of amazing designers, studios and boutiques out there who can help. Choosing someone who makes bridal outfits to order is a good first step, as it means there’s no excess stock going to landfill. There’s also designers who only make outfits from eco-friendly materials and use natural dyes, or work exclusively with recycled and upcycled materials. 

Another way to minimise wastage is to have a wedding outfit you’d want to wear again (and could!). Sure, your wedding outfit should absolutely be special, but it should also be something that feels like the best version of you. If you’re wearing wedding separates, could you wear the top again with jeans for a nice going out outfit? Or could you dye your dress again to wear at a soiree? Thinking about the longevity of your outfit can really help you inform your decision. 

Hire in plants to dress your green wedding

Saying thanks but no thanks to unwanted wedding gifts

Look, I get it – you’re a local legend, everyone kisses your feet, and they want to shower you with gifts. I’m not trying to take that away – God forbid, I want to encourage this level of adoration, because you deserve it – but the pile of unnecessary presents is a big middle finger to the environment. If you want for nothing, let people know that on your (eco-friendly) wedding invite – or instead, why not use a honeymoon fund or alternative gift list like Patchwork? 

What are your ideas for a green wedding? Let me know! 

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